Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized distributed database, and every node in the distributed environment cannot be guaranteed to be trusted. In the database, data blocks are stored in chronological order, and several transaction records are stored in each block. Cryptography method is used to generate blocks to ensure that the data in these blocks cannot be tampered with, forged or verified. The consensus algorithm enables all nodes in the whole network (in theory, all nodes) to complete the recognition of the block.

Addressing industry pain points

Superconducting chain using homogeneous chain technology architecture, with functions of general block chain books, both horizontal extension, high-speed trading, business ability, such as convenient access to all kinds of assets, the liquidation business support chain, offers a variety of data encryption, can carry, assets, enterprise application for chain enterprise Shared economic, incremental innovation.

Transparency, security, self-trust

The transaction data stored in the blockchain not only contains Hash values, but also the signatures of both sides of the transaction and the verifier. The signature is non-forgery and therefore non-forgery.

Accelerating the flow of value

Information transmitted on the Internet can be copied and pasted at will. Information transmitted on the blockchain will add an ownership to each information, so that ownership can be transmitted, that is, value transmission. In fact, adding ownership to information is achieved through key technology in cryptography.

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To enrich the global community and exchange cooperation channels to promote the value of superconducting chain communication

John Gibson

Global chairman and executive director

Famous Australian entrepreneur and investor. With 20 years of experience in various fields, he has successfully pushed several multi-million dollar complex projects with excellent results. John's expertise ranges from, but is not limited to, blockchain business integration, strategic planning, project management, architecture solutions, process improvement, product management, public speaking, corporate communications, and cross-functional leadership.

Michael Bellman

chief operating officer

The economist, with many years of experience in finance and trade, has founded many companies and has extensive influence in Europe. He is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and believes in a decentralized future.


RobExecutive director and CEO

He is a graduate of Frankfurt university and has provided financial resources for many enterprises. He is committed to guiding the development and innovation of enterprises in the field of blockchain. As an active supporter of digital cryptocurrencies, he has a number of digital cryptocurrencies and has been investing heavily in various blockchain start-ups to drive the development of the entire industry's ecological chain

Mrak doran

Senior technical director

Blockchain technology developer, good at language and framework building, familiar with all kinds of consensus algorithms such as Pow, Pos, PBFT, LDPOS, RAFT, etc., and participated in ethereal square development project.

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